Digital Essay

The documents for this digital essay were created for a first year composition course, ENGL101.05 “Bot or Not: Technology, Identity, Autonomy.” The course was taught in the fall of 2015 by Emily Sherwood, Assistant Director of Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship and Faculty Teaching Associate in English at Bucknell University.

The digital essay assignment was based on Donna Haraway’s “Cyborg Manifesto” in which she argues that we are all cyborgs. The students did an in class-writing exercise drawing on Haraway’s work where they articulated why they are cyborgs. This writing was revised and became the basis of the script for their digital essay.

Below is an example from the class with the student’s feedback on the assignment.

“When my professor first assigned a digital essay, I was apprehensive: I had never done anything like it before, I had no experience with Final Cut Pro, and I can’t stand listening to recordings of my voice. Then I started working on my essay. Once I had a script I liked, I had fun recording in the audio booth and editing in Final Cut. I ended up being really happy with my final product and I’m glad I was exposed to the resources Bucknell has for developing multi-modal work!” –Elizabeth Montesano, Bucknell 2019 (Engineering)


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